Zimbra Exchange Web Services Crashes OS X Mail.app

Zimbra added EWS support in ZCS 8.5. Right around that time OS X 10.10 was released. Cool! Let’s start syncing all our things to our brand new Mail.app, Calendar.app, and Contacts.app over HTTPS! Strangely, this page says that: ZCS 8.5 targeted EWS support ONLY with Outlook for Mac’s. There was no testing or expectation that the native mac apps would work with the EWS configuration type. Really?! I hope that’s not true.

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Tuning ext4 Creation and Mount Options for Zimbra

Zimbra is a email collaboration suite. Its various compontents perform MTA duties, message store, full text indexing. In a large environment, the number of files and I/O operations can really add up. How we ensure the filesystem is ready to support it? Zimbra’s Recommendations Zimbra offers some guidance for tuning the filesystem, with tips like: Mount file systems with the noatime option. It generally is not important to know the last access time of all the files, so the extra write ops are wasteful.

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Using Ansible Filters to Customize the Order Of Hosts in a List

Zimbra is a email / collaboration suite that is typically deployed in a cluster or clusters of dedicated servers which fill roles like LDAP master, LDAP replica, Proxy, MTA, Mailstore, etc. The LDAP servers are used by all the other servers to store configuration and provisioning data. Servers in the cluster understand where to find the LDAP master (read/write) and LDAP replicas (read only) though values defined in /opt/zimbra/conf/localconfig.xml. There are 2 values relevant to LDAP server lists and they have values like this:

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