Testing Openshift Origin V3 with Ansible and Vagrant on OS X

The OpenShift Origin project provides Ansible playbooks and roles for installing OpenShift on various infratructure. I’m going to try out the example using Vagrant and VirtualBox on my Mac. I’m not very familiar with Vagrant or OpenShift v3 yet, so I’m just going to think out loud and see how it goes. I’ve also recently started testing OpenShift Enterprise. Some Background OpenShift Origin is an opensource PaaS (platform as a service).

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Zimbra Exchange Web Services Crashes OS X

Zimbra added EWS support in ZCS 8.5. Right around that time OS X 10.10 was released. Cool! Let’s start syncing all our things to our brand new,, and over HTTPS! Strangely, this page says that: ZCS 8.5 targeted EWS support ONLY with Outlook for Mac’s. There was no testing or expectation that the native mac apps would work with the EWS configuration type. Really?! I hope that’s not true.

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Openshift V2 and Flask with Virtualenv on OS X

Create a flask app for Openshift with a matching local python virtualenv to perform local testing. In this case we’ll use Python 2.7 on Mac OS X 10.9. Overview of the steps Install Homebrew Install Python Development Environment on Mac OS X Install rhc client tools. Install and Configure a Python Flask for OpenShift Installing Homebrew Ready the system for Homebrew First unhide ~/Library folder. Open Finder Press shift-command-H Press command-J Check Show Library Folder Now Setup shell environment Some of these settings are only relevant to later steps, but go ahead and put them all in now.

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