Deploy Hawkular Metrics in CDK 2.1 OpenShift 3.2

Update! I failed with CDK 2.0, but CDK 2.1 works with some fiddling. In my last post I installed Red Hat Container Developer Kit to deploy OpenShift Enterprise using Vagrant. But now I want to add Hawkular Metrics to that deployment. Deploy Metrics Refer to the docs for deploying metrics in OSE. Login to the vagrant CDK VM before continuing $ cd ~/cdk/components/rhel/rhel-ose/ $ vagrant ssh $ oc login Authentication required for https://127.

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Getting Started With RedHat Container Development Kit

The RedHat Container Developer Kit allows you to deploy OpenShift on your laptop for easier testing and development. Here is how to deploy it. Register as a RedHat Developer Obtain a RH login Place credentials in ~/.vagrant.d/Vagrantfile to enable updates for VMs by automatically registering with RedHat Subscription Manager Vagrant.configure('2') do |config| config.registration.username = '<your Red Hat username>' config.registration.password = '<your Red Hat password>' end Mac OS X Prereqs Install pre-reqs:

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