Hybrid Cloud Management With Red Hat

September 19, 2022

Whether workloads are in the datacenter, in the cloud, or even in multiple clouds, OpenShift provides a consistent experience. And the Hybrid Cloud Console is your entry point for Red Hat cloud services to enable the most effective use of each environment. This video demo walks through the provisioning of ROSA and using Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management with EKS. Finally, RHACM policies are deployed to ensure automatic application of Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security.

📓 Check out the 2021 RHACM and RHACS walkthroughs.

So what does the demo cover?

Hybrid Cloud Management

The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console is the gateway to cloud services and tools for managing hybrid cloud environments and supporting services like Ansible Automation Platform, RHEL image building, and Application and Data Services like Data Science, Streams for Apache Kafka, and API Management and much more. Read more about it here.

The OpenShift Cluster Manager centralizes cluster metrics and alerts relayed through telemetry that enables Insights recommendations for cluster management. This is also a great place to find information on the latest versions of OpenShift including links to the release notes and downloads for command line tools. Here you may also review your support cases and subscription allocations over time.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) allows you to draw down on negotiated spending commitments with AWS. Experienced Red Hat site reliability engineers manage the platform while your developers focus on what matters; your workloads.

Pro Tip: Get started right in the AWS console! Just search for “OpenShift”.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management

RHACM manages cluster and application life cycles, applies consistent governance, and enables observation of your entire Kubernetes fleet. Not only OpenShift, but clusters still based on technologies like AKS, EKS, and GKE benefit from advanced cluster management as well. More details here.

RHACM enables search and discovery of resources across all managed clusters simultaneously, and it aggregates metrics and logs from your managed clusters enabling centralized dashboards and alerting. The demo illustrates an example EKS cluster managed by RHACM with, cluster metrics aggregated to a single pane of glass.

Demo: Deployment EKS and Kube Metrics Server

📺 ASCII Screencast

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (RHACS) can be automatically deployed to ensure developers can take advantage of DevSecOps on any cluster in your fleet. The demo will apply Open Cluster Management governance policies from git to enable a GitOps approach to policy enforcement. The policies deployed will provision RHACS on managed clusters without any interaction.

Also see RHACS in action in this previous video demonstration.

Video Demo

Finally, check out the demo!

Demo: ROSA Deploy and configure, RHACM import of EKS, and automated RHACS deployment

📺 YouTube Video

This video was part of Red Hat's OpenShift Show and Tell summer 2022 webinar series.

Pro Tip: You can kick the tires in a Free OpenShift Developer Sandbox


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