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OpenStack Network Diagram


Aug 14, 2017

What does the networking for OpenStack look like? Maybe something like this.

# Network VLAN IP CIDR
N1 Provisioning (PXE) V:310
N2 Internal API V:311
N3 Storage Network (Front) V:312
N4 Storage Mgmt (Back) V:313
N5 External Floating IPs V:179
N6 Public API V:177
N7 Overcloud Provisioning (Tenant PXE) V:314
N8 Provider Network (Tenant VM with physical router) V:175
N9 Tenant Network (tunnels) V:317
N10 IPMI (iDRAC) V:315
N11 Tenant IPMI (iDRAC) V:316

OpenStack Network Diagram